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De-Vicon Investment has it as a challenge to contribute its own quota to the development of the power sector of the nation and have been in the forefront of this nation’s building process. From the installation of street lighting, continued to provide solutions to the power requirements of our clients not only for today’s needs but also for the future.

Benefits of our service
• Enables you to focus on core business
• Reduce your expenses
• Provides you with a cost effective method of financing your jobs
• Covers all your risk associated with the job
• Monitor the percentage efficiency of the job
• Generate a stable running cost of all jobs
• Reduction of administrative cost and time wastage

Full list of Services

Electrical & Mechanical Services

  • Procurement, Supply and Installation of all types of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems).
  • Supply and Installation of diesel generating set.
  • Supply and Installation of Distribution Transformers 11/0.415kv and 33/0.415kv from 110kva to 2.5mva (various ratings).
  • 33kv and 11kv Transformation line on steel Lattice Tower and concrete pole with associated substations.
  • Supply and Installation of window and split units.
  • Supply and Installation of cooling towers, chillers, ducts, fan-wire and Air Handling units.
  • Supply and Installation of generators, Transformers and panels.
  • Supply and Installation of Power cables, lighting fittings and sockets.
  • Mechanical fabrication.
  • Electrical cabling.
  • Instrumentation for civil works.
  • Welding, painting, metal works processes and sand blasting.
  • Fabrication of cable tray and support frames.
  • Fabrication of power and instrument cabling.


  • GSM/CDMA Turnkey Site Build.
  • Erection of microwave backbone.
  • Electrical Installation and services.
  • Tower Erection.
  • Installation of Earth satellite Antenna and related equipment.
  • Automatic exchange equipment AXE.
  • Earthing services.
  • Switch works.
  • Supply and installation of PABX, Distribution box, cables and telephone sets.
  • Construction of concrete bases.
  • Installation of cable tray and supports.

Real Estate Services

  • Estate leasing.
  • Property development.
  • Estate management and maintenance.
  • Provision of boreholes and water treatment plants.
  • Supply and installation of water pipe works.
  • Consultancy services.

Procurement Services

  • Foreign product supplies.
  • Local product supply and installation.


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